Legal Representation from a Business Perspective

In business, and in law, you need a level head and determined trigger finger. Other firms may have business experience, but we have a business mindset – a mindset that only comes from serving on the executive leadership team of a Fortune 500 company and representing hundreds of companies over decades. With us, you will get national experience without the national fees, just a sound legal budget that will cover things you may not have even thought about. To date, we have tried more than 75 cases to conclusion and have litigated more than 1,000 cases.

Insurance Recovery & Bad-Faith Claims

Good insurance recovery litigation starts before the claim is filed. We’ve seen hundreds of businesses go through the claims process, and we know what you need for a successful outcome. A simple coverage analysis will ensure that you have the right policy, and our years of experience make us the ideal choice for holding your insurance provider to their word.


We know the construction industry inside and out – we’re familiar with handling every aspect of a construction project: the business risks, union issues, OSHA compliance, negotiated contracts, and all the nuance that comes with billion-dollar construction projects. Simply put: if you had a heart issue, you would see a heart surgeon. If you’re working in construction, you work with us.

Dispute Resolution

Over the years we’ve learned to assess every angle of any given situation. Though we often interface with the typical “Type-A,” over-aggressive personalities that you might automatically think of when you hear the word “lawyer,” we find that a more level-headed and determined approach yields better results. With over 75 jury trials to our name, we bring professional authority and experience to the discussion.

Corporate Transactions

Together, we have over 45 years of experience handling the multitudes of legal issues that businesses face. One benefit in hiring a boutique business firm like ours is that we are able to devote 100% of our attention to a few clients, allowing us to speak to day-to-day business activities and issues. We’ll make sure your contracts, agreements, and other corporate documents are properly structured, and that you avoid preventable issues.

Mediator/Arbitrator Services

Our objective is to bring parties together in mediation. This happens through open-minded willingness to listen to every party and every position. We look for a resolution where both sides walk away with a share of the overall win. In addition, our courtroom trial experience gives us insight into a reasonable agreement. We can provide perspective on what outcome might be reached should the case go to trial.

As arbitrators, we rule on the merits of the matter and don’t default to “splitting the baby.” We understand that parties often enter into arbitration agreements to avoid the expense and delay associated with the judicial system. Our objective is to give each party involved the opportunity to share their perspective, and then reach the merits of the dispute in an efficient and timely manner.

Outside General Counsel Services

Entrepreneurs and fast-growing companies of all sizes oftentimes face the same legal issues faced by large companies with in-house counsel. Handling these legal issues is a time-consuming task which takes business owners away from running and growing their businesses. Your time is better spent growing your client base. FR Law Group provides general counsel services that handle these typical day-to-day legal issues for so as not to take away from your managing your company. Some of the general counsel services FR Law Group can provide your company include:

  1. Contract reviews
  2. Insurance recovery claims
  3. Business formation
  4. Corporate transactional work
  5. Employee issues
  6. Shareholder issues
  7. Non-disclosure agreements
  8. Business disputes
  9. General legal advice

At FR Law Group, we provide outside general counsel services on an hourly, fixed fee, or retainer basis.

We serve small business, national conglomerates, and everything in between.
Here are some of the industries we often serve:


Construction & Engineering

Real Estate


Service-Based Companies

Health Care

Architects and Other Professionals

Sporting Goods

Do you need Legal Representation or Consulting?

At FR Law Group, we approach the law from a business perspective because we share your business mindset by representing hundreds of companies over decades. Our firm has the business acumen necessary to help your company create a sound budget while avoiding the usual pitfalls.

Get the benefit of our national-level experience without the national-level price tag.

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